"A person who accepts the path of devotional service is not bereft of the results derived from studying the vedas, performing austere sacrfrises giving charity, or pursuing philosophical and fruitive activities . At the end he reaches the supreme abode"(Bg.8.28) Hare Krsna says that the purpose of all Vedic instruction i s to achieve the ultimate goal of life-to go back to Godhead. All scripture of all countries aim at this goal. This has also been the message of religious reformers or Arcarya. In the West for example the Lord Jesus Christ spread this same message. Similarly Lord Budha and Mohammed. No one advises us to make our permanent settlement here in the material world. There may be small differences according to country, time and circumstances and according to scriptural injunction but the main principle is that we are not meant for this material world but for the spiritual world is accepted by all genuine transcendentalists. All indications for the satisfaction of our souls inner most desires points to those worlds of krsna beyond birth and death. - His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - "Beyond Birth and Death